1. 2004.12 Established our sales office in Korea and a factory in Vietnam
  2. 2005.07 Started Manufacturing
  3. 2006.06 Set up a tandem coating machine (Laminating on both sides)
  4. 2007.01 Set up 4 sets Leno Weaving machines.
  5. 2008.06 Set up additional weaving & extruding machines. (Total Extruder T-Die type - 4 sets, Weaving machine - PE Tarpaulin 62 sets).
  6. 2014.06 Scrutinized the system of machines and started researching methods for making Light weight Production (below 50 gsm), increasing Production Capacity to 40FCL X 60 per month.
  7. 2017.03 Transferred the Sales Department from the Seoul Office to the factory in Vietnam (Expanded Office Building in the factory)
  8. 2017.10 Built training room to instruct workers on labor safety and quality